Fishbowl makes it possible for every small to mid size business to have the level of flexible and mobile inventory control solutions large organizations enjoy.
Fishbowl’s leading email marketing solution is designed specifically for the restaurant industry. Our on-demand platform manages email lists, automates marketing activities, targets customer segments and provides analytical reporting. It overcomes the industry-specific challenges of supporting multiple locations and concepts, new guest acquisition and managing live guest replies. Couple the superior technology of Fishbowl’s Enterprise Edition with a decade of knowledge and experience as an email marketing pioneer, and you have unmatched performance.
Fishbowl was one of the first programs to integrate with QuickBooks and currently holds Gold Developer Status, Intuit’s highest award for third-party integrators Searching for the right inventory solution to meet your company’s needs can be a daunting task. Custom solutions can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars with installation and training. And many of those programs don’t even have all of the features and options you need. . Many organizations looking to track their assets also use Fishbowl as a powerful standalone solution. Fishbowl works with QuickBooks and handles all of your manufacturing and inventory control needs.
Fishbowl Inventory solves your tough financial and inventory challenges.
  • Operations: Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Bills of Materials and more.
  • Inventory Control: Parts, Products, Vendors, Reorder Alerts and more.
  • Business Management: Reports, Cost Analysis, Sales History and more.
  • QuickBooks Accounting: Receivables, Payables, Commissions and more

This software offers advanced features like cycle counting, report customization and easy access to reports through a favorites list. Plus, it has a user-friendly design interface and faster speeds.
  • Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse – Barcoding and multiple locations
  • Manufacturing Option – Work orders, bill of materials, etc.
  • Pipeline – Customer relationship management,
  • SalesPoint – Point of sale solution
Fishbowl Key Features:
Kitting : Bundle products together and sell them as a single product as Fishbowl deducts inventory from the proper individual counts.

LIFO, FIFO, Standard& Average Costing: Choose between several accounting methods while still integrating with QuickBooks.

Consignment: Manage your inventory assets in external locations. Determine age of stock, what has been used, sold, or gone missing. Easily create purchase orders to replenish specific remote locations.

Subsitute Products: Link products with substitute products. Out of stock while filling an order? Fishbowl gives you the option to look at substitute products to replace the product that is not available.

Multiple Locations: With a few clicks, view each location and its entire inventory or search which locations have a specific part.

Reconcile Purchase Orders: Resolve inconsistencies between purchase orders and actual invoices. Receive inventory with or without a bill.

Landed Costs: Keep accurate records of your profits with the ability to properly add shipping costs, taxes, etc., to the overall cost of a part.

RMA/Repair Depot: Easily view the pertinent information that is neces­sary to quickly and efficiently issue a return to a customer while tracking the original purchase date, serial number, sales date, customer, and more.

Drop Shipping: Maximize your profits by selling/managing products that you do not house – reducing shipping and stocking costs.

User Access Rights: Define the abilities of each user down to specific functions inside each module, enabling users to see only the modules and data that are assigned to him/her.

System Hardware Recommendations for Fishbowl Inventory 2013
Fishbowl recommends that QuickBooks and Fishbowl Inventory run together on their own dedicated computer to avoid RAM sharing issues with other applications. Fishbowl Inventory is a great fit for companies with small, medium and large databases.

There are no artificial limits placed on the number of concurrent users, parts, customers, etc. that a Fishbowl Inventory database can support. However, there are practical limits that constrain Fishbowl Inventory. These constraints are impacted by hardware and database size. For the best user experience, choose optimum hardware to run the Fishbowl Inventory software on.

Click on an icon below to view the hardware recommendations.

See a list of supported operating systems. Click below to open the Setup Guide and System Recommendations.

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