Sage ACT! is the world’s best selling contact management software with over 120,000 registered users.
By using Sage ACT!, individuals, small businesses and corporate teams can centralize contact data, transform productivity, stay on top of sales opportunities and achieve a better insight into their customer relationship.
Sage ACT! allows you to get organized and keep up-to-date on your customerrelationships. When a customer contacts you, you’re prepared with a history of emails and calls that can be viewed in a moment’s notice.
Better manage prospects and opportunities through the ACT! sales process customized to your business. Get the big picture with your sales pipeline to monitor the probability of close for each opportunity.
Send emails, schedule activities and maintain appointments through ACT!. Let ACT! help you handle the details and watch your personal productivity soar.

Major Features :
  • Centralize all data
  • Quick to implement
  • Scalability
  • Versatility
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Mobile access
  • Protects contact data
  • Calendar, Dashboard, Task list support a better time management.
  • Manage contacts : ACT! makes it easy to access everything you need to know about a contact including past interactions, planned activities, documents, opportunities, account information and much more. You can even integrate ACT! with Outlook or Gmail and record the conversation in ACT!. This comprehensive visibility of your contacts is then shared across the entire organisation so staff will always be prepared with the information they need to work more efficiently and provide better customer service.
  • Manage your day-to-day activities : With ACT! Activities it is easy to manage your daily schedule. Users can:
    • Define activity types
    • Attach details and documents
    • Prioritise activities and set reminders
    • Check availability of co-workers, and resources
    • And much, much more…
      Plus, because the database is shared you can also view your co-workers’ task list and schedule activities on their behalf.
      Such visibility and flexibility means that you can focus on getting the jobs done – ACT! becomes the personal assistant you don’t want to pay for!
  • Manage your sales pipeline from creation to close : Using the ACT! Opportunities module your business can create and manage opportunity details including total weighted value, related activities, documents and sales strategy – then see them progress through one of your customisable sales funnels.
  • Manage sales and marketing activities : ACT! offers a range of sales and marketing solutions; out-of-the box businesses can segment customers into groups via automatic membership then send targeted email messages with ACT!’s mail-merge, or add contacts to drip marketing campaigns using the smart tasks feature.
    For a more comprehensive solution organisations can use the Swiftpageaddon – an advanced email service that offers email marketing, email tracking, surveys, call lists and drip marketing tools; with comprehensive results integrated to ACT! and visible against individual contact records. Using Swiftpageorganisations can constantly evaluate the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.
  • Manage overall business performance : ACT comes with a variety of reporting and analysis tools for tracking contacts, companies, opportunities and activities. Users can choose from over 50 pre-existing reports and over 10 dashboard modules, all of which are customisable to suit your specific requirements.
The 2013 Sage ACT! release introduces contemporary new features to help business leverage the latest CRM trends, including Mobile CRM, Social CRM and e-Marketing.
ACT! Premium Mobile – ACT! Premium Mobile enables ACT! 2013 users to maintain momentum even when away from the office without the need to carry a laptop computer. ACT! Premium Mobile enables real-time access to ACT! Premium contacts, calendar and opportunity details from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
For ACT! Pro users who require Mobile CRM access, use Sage ACT! Connect, a subscription-based service, to deliver ACT! 2013 calendar details to your mobile device.
Social Updates – Sage ACT! 2013 provides you with a centralised view of your customers and prospects social media updates enabling you to develop a better understanding of their needs and opinions. By responding to your customers needs in a timely manner you can turn this valuable insight into a clear competitive advantage.
Social Sharing – Social media is transforming the way we communicate and with Sage ACT! 2013 Social Sharing you extend the reach of your customer communications by posting your email marketing messages to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, all in just a few clicks.
Smart Task Enhancements – Smart tasks was introduced in Sage ACT! 2012 to enable easy management and automation of labour intensive administration tasks. In Sage ACT! 2013 the potential of Smart Tasks has been enhanced with new offline availability which enables your workflows to progress even when Sage ACT! 2013 is closed.
Usability Enhancements – in Sage ACT! 2013 Sage have made some usability enhancements making the 2013 ACT! release simpler to use than ever before, ACT! 2013 now includes a wizard for remote database creation, database moving and database sharing.

All minimum system requirements are based on a single-user environment (one computer accessing a local database). In a shared environment, Sage ACT! Pro is designed to work with up to 10 users and Sage ACT! Premium is designed to work with more than 10 users. Recommended server system requirements are for environments of more than one user. Customer registration and activation are required and you must purchase one license of Sage ACT! per user. Your system must meet the minimum requirements to be eligible for technical support.
  • Sage ACT! Premium 2012 Minimum System Requirements: Access via Windows®
  • Sage ACT! Premium 2012 Minimum System Requirements: Access via web or mobile.

Sage ACT! Version Comparison
Overview Pro Premium
Number of users 1 -10 10+
Contact and Customer Manager functionality
Windows Mobile Access
Web access  –
Standard security settings
Enhanced security settings  –
Group scheduling functionality  –
Dashboards and reporting with team views  –
Advanced administration and sync options  –
Organise Contact Details Pro   Premium
New easier to navigate ACT! interface including a Welcome Page
Attach documents to History and Activities
Create Company Records
15 levels of Groups and Subgroups with dynamic membership rules
Apply Note / History items to multiple contacts
Rich Text Formatting
Web Links Tab 
Link Contact/Company Fields
Inbuilt integration with Sage 50 Accounts
Import data from hoovers.com¹
Communicating with Contacts  Pro Premium 
Automatic contact sync between ACT! & Outlook
Send Outlook emails directly from ACT!
Attach new Outlook emails to an ACT! contact
Create ACT! Contacts from Outlook E-mail
Choose an ACT! history option for every new Outlook email
Attach received Outlook emails to ACT! en masse
Use Outlook Rules to automatically file emails in ACT!
ACT! E-Marketing tab
Get more done Pro Premium
Create ACT! Smart Tasks
Import data directly from Excel
Custom History / Activity Types
Custom Priorities
Check other users activity availability
Interactive graphical dashboards
Automatic Outlook Calendar Sync
Create ACT! activities from Outlook
Team dashboards  –
View activities for 10+ users  –
Control your sales pipeline Pro Premium
Create Sales Opportunities layouts
Add unlimited custom opportunities fields
Track communications with each opportunities
Create multiple sales processes
Filtered opportunity List View
Track Multiple Products per Opportunity
Opportunity Lookups
Customisable Opportunity Fields
One Button Export to Excel
Define a default currency for each ACT! database
Sales dashboards
Link Opportunities with multiple contacts
Sales team dashboards   –
Complete View of Customer Interactions  Pro Premium 
Advanced Keyword Search
Save Lookups as Groups
Edit Queries & Preview Results
Perform searches on Groups and Companies
Switch searches between contacts, groups & companies
Previous look-up option 
Securely Administer & Deploy to Teams  Pro Premium 
Export ACT! contacts in vCard format
Supports Citrix/Terminal Services access
Set Password Format, Expiry & Re-Use Rules
Create up to 50 remote databases simultaneously
Company and Group Security Rules enforced
Set Custom User Permissions
Grant Contact Access en Masse
Dual Web Access capability
Web Access using FireFox
Supports Windows 7
Supports MS Office 2010
Works with 64-bit versions of Vista & Win Server 2003/08
Automatic Database Sync & Backup
Automatic Database Maintenance
Field Level Security
Faster sync and sync progress bar
Exclude attachments for faster back-up

  Sage ACT! Pro 2013 Sage ACT! Premium 2013
Single User $269.99
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[wp_cart:SAGE ACT! Premium 2013-Single User:price:549.99:end]
5 Users $1,349.95
[wp_cart:SAGE ACT! Pro 2013-5 User:price:1349.95:end]
[wp_cart:SAGE ACT! Premium 2013-5 User:price:2749.95:end]

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