QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks Point of Sale (QuickBooks POS) is an advanced point of sale, inventory control, customer tracking, and reporting program designed for effective management of retail stores. As a retailer orders, receives, and sells merchandise, inventory quantities and costs are instantly updated.

QuickBooks Point of Sale offers retailers the powerful tracking and management tools they need to effectively run their business and helps with making smart business decisions. Helps you to get the sales, inventory and customer information that helps you understand your business so you can make better business decisions.

At a glance, a retailer can view item quantities on hand and on order; review costs, prices and margins; and view detailed reports on sales activity. QuickBooks POS enables a retailer to track customers and use the resulting purchase history information to customize promotions, marketing materials, and mailings. At the end of the business day the program helps the retailer reconcile the cash drawer, process credit card transactions (optional feebased service), and back up data files.

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Boosts Your Bottom Line
  • Save valuable time on key business tasks.
  • Cut costs with efficient inventory tracking See business performance at a glance.
  • Keep customers happy & coming back.
  • Manage Your Inventory with Ease.
  • Point of Sale Pro adjusts inventory with every sale, order, or return
  • Instantly see what’s hot and what needs to be reordered.
  • Keep popular items in stock with automatic purchase orders.
  • Save money on inventory by ordering only what you need.
  • Keep Your Customers Happy.
  • See who your best customers are with instant detailed reports.
  • Easily track purchase history by customer so you know them and their needs better.
  • Automatically track and reward customers with personalized rewards program in Point of Sale Pro.
  • Simplify your everyday tasks.
  • Simplifies your life by making common tasks, from selling to bookkeeping, fast and easy.
  • Simple, clear sales screens ensure you and your employees can ring sales quickly and keep lines moving.
  • Use a barcode scanner to make transactions even faster and reduce errors.
  • View customized sales and profitability reports.
  • Keep track of your biggest moneymakers so you’ll know which products to promote and keep in stock, and which to drop from your line.
  • Track your balance sheet by class.
  • Now you can now track data separately by location, department, or profit center with a single, easy to access report.
  • Run ‘Cost to Complete Job’ report.
  • Keep tabs on how much it will cost you to complete each job, and how your actual costs are comparing to your estimated costs.
  • Document and track change orders.
  • As a job changes, simply enter change orders into the estimate to keep track of the changes and their impact on your bottom line. Change orders are included on documents you print for your customer so that there are no surprises at the end of the job.
  • Bill clients progressively by job phase.
  • Track and bill clients by time & material, job phase, or percentage completion, whatever works best for your unique business.
  • Track time and expenses by employee, project, client, or service & create an invoice.
  • Decide who to bill by seeing all clients with unbilled time and expenses on a single screen. No need to create an invoice from scratch–just open the Invoice for Time & Expenses screen and select the client and job combination. Outstanding billable time and expenses are transferred directly to the invoice.

  • At least a 1.8GHz processor
  • At least 256MB of RAM (512MB if running Windows Vista) for a single user
  • At least 512MB of RAM (1GB if running Windows Vista) for multiple, concurrent users
  • Sage DacEasy supports both the 64-bit and 32-bit editions of Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008.
  • .NET Framework 2.0 or greater
  • Data1.cab file must be present on the PC

SKU Short Description SRP  
POS Basic
431965 POS BASIC New Download  $ 1,099.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS BASIC (431965) New Download:price:1099.95:end]
431966 POS BASIC Upgrade Download  $ 599.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS BASIC (431966) Upgrade Download:price:599.95:end]
431967 POS BASIC Add-A-User New  $ 1,099.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS BASIC (431967) Add-A-User New:price:1099.95:end]
419213 POS BASIC w/ Spprt  $ 1,598.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS BASIC (419213) w/ Spprt:price:1598.95:end]
419212 POS BASIC w/ HW  $ 1,679.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS BASIC (419212) w/ HW:price:1679.95:end]
431968 POS PRO New Download  $ 1,599.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS PRO (431968) New Download:price:1599.95:end]
431969 POS PRO Upgrade Download  $ 899.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS PRO (431969) Upgrade Download:price:899.95:end]
431970 POS PRO Add-A-User New  $ 1,199.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS PRO (431970) Add-A-User New:price:1199.95:end]
419214 POS PRO w/ Spprt  $ 2,098.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS PRO (419214) w/ Spprt:price:2098.95:end]
419211 POS PRO w/ HW  $ 2,179.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS PRO (419211) w/ HW:price:2179.95:end]
POS Basic 2013 unlock to POS Pro 2013  $ 500.00 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS Basic 2013 unlock to POS Pro 2013:price:500.00:end]
POS Multi Store 
432079 POS Multi-Store New Download  $ 1,799.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS Multi-Store (432079) New Download:price:1799.95:end]
432080 POS Multi-Store Upgrade Download  $  899.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS Multi-Store (432080) Upgrade Download:price:899.95:end]
432081 POS Multi-Store Add-A-User New  $ 1,199.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS Multi-Store (432081) Add-A-User New:price:1199.95:end]
432082 POS Multi-Store Add-A-Store New  $ 1,199.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS Multi-Store (432082) Add-A-Store New:price:1199.95:end]
430276 POS Multi-Store w/ Spprt  $ 2,298.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS Multi-Store (430276) w/ Spprt:price:2298.95:end]
POS Multi-Store w/ HW  $ 2,374.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS Multi-Store w/ HW:price:2374.95:end]
EXCHANGE  $ 19.95 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS EXCHANGE:price:19.95:end]
Basic to Multi Store Unlocks  $ 700.00 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS Basic to Multi Store Unlocks:price:700.00:end]
Pro to Multi Store Unlocks  $ 200.00 [wp_cart:QuickBooks POS Pro to Multi Store Unlocks:price:200.00:end]

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