FAQ’s Peachtree

Why should I choose Sage Peachtree over QuickBooks?
Sage Peachtree offers superior quality and service, including robust functionality in inventory, job costing, time and billing, and fixed assets. Built-in accounting controls and detailed security provide the accuracy and control needed to run your business, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
Additionally when you choose Sage Peachtree you can get direct access to our US-based technical support and even have the opportunity to have a personal account manager.
As my business grows, can Sage scale to meet my needs?
Sage offers solutions that will serve your needs throughout the life cycle of your company. Start with the Sage Peachtree solution that meets your needs and budget today, and as your requirements grow, upgrade to the next level of software when the time is right. Sage can truly support you through all phases of your business.
What features are available in Sage Peachtree 2012 to get me started quickly?
All products come with a New Company Setup Wizard to walk you through the steps of setting up your accounting, as well as in-product tips and screen-level help, which tells you what info you should have on hand prior to setting up Sage Peachtree.
Once I have Sage Peachtree 2012, how do I know what features are available and how to use them?
Our "What’s New in Sage Peachtree" screens will walk you through all the new features in Sage Peachtree 2012, plus tell you how to use them. This feature automatically displays when you first launch the product, and also has a link in the Help file so you can access it whenever you need it.
How many companies can I consolidate?
Provided that your companies have the same chart of account IDs, Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting allows you to run up to 20 customized Financial Statements in consolidated format.
Does Sage Peachtree Support Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit systems and Macintosh?
Yes, Peachtree does support 64-bit systems. We currently do not have an option for customers using Mac.
7.When I moved to my current version of Sage Peachtree from Peachtree 2006 or earlier, the conversion wasn’t necessarily seamless. Has this improved?
Yes, with Peachtree 2007 and higher, the database has been built on Pervasive. Sage Peachtree 2012 continues to use Pervasive so your conversion will be virtually pain-free
What type of support do I get when I purchase Sage Peachtree 2012?
All first time Sage Peachtree customers will receive 30 days free support* upon registration. Upgrading customers will receive one free support call* within 30 days of registration. As a Sage Peachtree customer, you’ll also get access to the Sage Peachtree Knowledge Center, which puts answers at your fingertips. You can search our extensive knowledgebase for commonly asked questions, or ask a question specific to your support needs, allowing you to get accurate online answers quickly.
*Free support provided for currently supported products. Additional support is available for a fee. Support specialists reserve the right to limit a call to one hour or one incident.
Does Sage Peachtree offer the ability to access my data remotely?
Yes, with Sage Peachtree Remote Access* powered by GoToMyPC®, you will be able to access your Sage Peachtree data from any other computer with Internet access. Try Peachtree Remote Access free for 30 days.
*Additional fees, internet access and credit card required. Subject to third party terms and conditions. Price is subject to change.
How can I download my bank statement to Sage Peachtree?
You now have two options in which you can download your bank statement*. You may automatically connect to your bank and import transactions by choosing your financial institution from the list of partner banks that provide statement transfer specifically for Sage Peachtree, or if your bank is not listed you can still manually import your banking transactions in to Sage Peachtree so long as they are stored in standard Open Financial Exchange (OFX), QuickBooks QFX, or Microsoft Money format. If you use the automatic import option, you will enter the ID and password issued to you by your bank for access to online bank reconciliation.
* Internet access required. See www.peachtree.com/banks for a current list of supported banks, which is subject to change. Your bank may charge a fee to download statements.

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