FAQ’s QuoteWerks

Since I already use QuickBooks, how will my company benefit from using QuoteWerks?
Many companies find it useful to use software other than their accounting software to create their sales quotes in. One of the primary reasons is that company owners often do not want all their sales reps having access to their companies accounting data. See details at www.quotewerks.com/qbfaq.asp
How will my company benefit from using both QuoteWerks and QuickBooks together?
Since QuoteWerks is not accounting software, it is by nature more flexible and enables you to quote items without adding them to your QuickBooks items list first. QuoteWerks also offers many productivity features geared towards helping you get professional looking quote to your customers faster! See details at www.quotewerks.com/qbfaq.asp
What specific integration with QuickBooks does QuoteWerks contain?
QuoteWerks will export your QuoteWerks quotes/orders/invoices to QuickBooks as QuickBooks estimates, invoices and sales orders. If the customer used on the invoice does not exist in QuickBooks, the customer will be automatically created in QuickBooks. If any of the items on the invoice do not exist in QuickBooks, they will be automatically added. See details at www.quotewerks.com/qbfaq.asp
What will it cost me to buy QuoteWerks for use with QuickBooks?
The QuickBooks link is included in the Professional Edition of QuoteWerks which costs $239 for a 1-user license. See details at www.quotewerks.com/qbfaq.asp

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