FAQ’s QuickBooks

Is QuickBooks only for big businesses?
No. Businesses both large and small benefit from the ease of operation and reporting capabilities of QuickBooks. Features like QuickFill save you time by automatically filling in customer data. You can generate over 100 customizable reports and graphs.
How much bookkeeping knowledge do I need in order to operate QuickBooks successfully?
QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro is easy to learn and use. No accounting knowledge is necessary. There is no need to understand debits, credits or postings. You just fill in familiar forms on screen like checks, invoices and other forms and QuickBooks automatically helps do the accounting for you.
How do I know which QuickBooks product is best for me?
If you’re currently using a paper-based or spreadsheet system of tracking your finances, and you just want basic tools to help you manage your small business finances more effectively, QuickBooks may be all you need.
Try QuickBooks Pro if you’re looking for advanced tools for managing your finances and forms, automated budgeting, job costing, time tracking, the ability to generate multiple estimates per job, or the ability to add more users.
QuickBooks Premier offers our most comprehensive set of financial management tools to help you manage your small business finances more effectively. Premier is for those with high growth aspirations for their business-those who want not only to manage their finances now, but to gain real insight into how their business is performing and make improvements to help assure future success. In addition to all the tools in QuickBooks Basic and Pro, Premier also allows you to see where you stand in your industry, create a business plan, create forecasts, and see where you need to improve. It also allows you to work on your QuickBooks files remotely via the Internet.2
How hard is it to upgrade from an older version of QuickBooks?
Upgrading from an earlier version is fast and easy. It just takes a quick, automated transfer of your QuickBooks data file. Most people install the upgrade in less than an hour! You can automatically transfer data from QuickBooks 5.0, 6.0, 99, 2000, 2001 and 2002 for Windows.
How can more than one person work on QuickBooks at the same time?
The multi-user mode2 in QuickBooks Pro allows up to 3 users to collaborate on the same company file at the same time. The multi-user mode in QuickBooks Premier allows up to 5 users to collaborate on the same company file at the same time. All users must be networked and must each have their own QuickBooks license.
Multi-user mode enables more than one person to work on a company file at the same time increasing collaboration and productivity. It improves accuracy because all users are working on the most up-to-date data. Additionally, it ensures data stays protected because individual user access levels can be set. To enable multi-user mode, go to the File menu in QuickBooks and choose “Multi-User Mode”.
If you need more users accessing QuickBooks at the same time, call us at +97143553239.
When do I need an additional license?
Our standard license agreement requires separate QuickBooks licenses for each person who uses QuickBooks software. However, if you have both a laptop and desktop PC, and you’re the only person using QuickBooks, you only need one license. You need to get additional licenses when additional people need to use QuickBooks on their computers. Complete details on our license agreement.
What are some common situations in which businesses need to buy additional licenses?
The most common scenario is when more than one person in the business needs to use QuickBooks, even if only for certain specific tasks. For example, a business owner may want to have a copy of QuickBooks solely for running reports, doing payroll, and printing checks, but his office manager needs to use QuickBooks to enter sales orders and receipts. Accordingly, the business needs two licenses.
What if I print out reports from my QuickBooks software for another person? Would I need to get an additional license for this person?
If another person is solely reviewing printed reports that you generate yourself in QuickBooks, then they don’t need to get their own QuickBooks license. However, if they install and/or use QuickBooks, then they will need a separate license.
Can I run QuickBooks both at the office and at home on a single-user license or do I need to purchase separate licenses for both computers? If so, how do I do that?
Under the single-user license, you can install QuickBooks on both your work and home computers, as long as you’re the only person using QuickBooks on both computers. Also, only one person at a time can access the company file with one single-user license.
How do I purchase additional licenses outside of what is available on the site?
You can configure your QuickBooks to suit however many users you need. If you have more than 3 users of Pro or Premier, we recommend that you call +97143553239 and order from one of our sales consultants. They will ensure that you are set up with the proper number of licenses and that you receive a discount for purchasing additional QuickBooks user licenses.
If you already have a copy of QuickBooks, you can also add additional licenses from within the product. To do so, go to the Help menu, click on “Manage My License” to purchase additional licenses. You will see a web page that allows you to select “Purchase additional licenses via phone” or “Purchase additional licenses via web”. If you choose to purchase additional licenses by phone, you will be given a phone number to call and a representative can assist you in purchasing an additional license. If you choose to purchase additional seats over the Internet, you will be directed to the in-product e-Store to make your additional purchases.
Can I run multiple companies from one copy of QuickBooks?
Yes. You can run as many companies as you want from one copy of QuickBooks. Of course, you’ll still need a separate license for each user of QuickBooks if you have multiple users.
What is the maximum number of simultaneous users for a QuickBooks company file?
QuickBooks can accommodate up to 30 simultaneous users.2 QuickBooks Pro is best suited for businesses with 1-3 users, while QuickBooks Premier is best suited for businesses with 1-5 users. (Note that one license is required for each user. A server does not count as a user if no one works on QuickBooks on the server itself). If your business has 5 or more users, please call us at +97143553239.

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