FAQ’s Fishbowl

What are Fishbowl Inventory modules?
Fishbowl Inventory is designed to allow the user to easily select an inventory item, observe the properties of that item (ie: quantity, location, tracking parameters, and detailed allocation), then easily adjust inventory levels and properties without having to sort through multiple screens to reference or edit the data. The Fishbowl organization of inventory information into modules gives our clients the ability to view their inventory processes at a glance.
How do I upgrade Fishbowl?
After you have made a backup of your Fishbowl Inventory database and have downloaded the latest Fishbowl version, you may complete the following steps for a successful upgrade. Fishbowl Inventory provides the ability to Auto Update the Client once the Fishbowl Server has been updated. This is ideal for Companies with multiple clients as it provides a way for each user of the client computer to update quickly and efficiently.
Auto Update Instructions
Note : The Auto Update will update Client install computers only.
To Auto Update client computers, the Fishbowl Server must manually be updated first. The latest version is available for download on our website. Once the Server has been updated, when Client computers try to log into the Fishbowl system they will receive the message that the Fishbowl Server is a different version and be asked if they would like to update.
Once the user has chosen yes that they would like to update, Fishbowl will automatically begin the updating process. When this is complete, a message will be displayed in the installation box reporting the install to be done.
Once the user clicks ok, the Update box will be cleared, and a new box informing the user of the successful update will be displayed. At this point the Client will exit completely and the user will need to restart the Client. When restarting and logging into the Client, it will now be updated and successfully connect to the Server.
Manual update Instructions
  • Identify the computers and servers which use Fishbowl Inventory.
  • Download the appropriate upgrade to your computers. Upgrades are usually found on our website here. We recommend saving the download for the upgrade. Saving the installer to your desktop will work well.
  • Shutdown the Fishbowl Inventory Server on the server computer and close all instances of the Fishbowl Inventory Client (the upgrade does not work if the Fishbowl Server is running).
  • Run the installer on each computer that needs to be manually updated by following the instructions here. NOTE: Remember to select a Server install on the server computer, andClient Only on the client computers.
Note : Both Fishbowl Inventory Client(s) and the Fishbowl Inventory Server must be updated to the same version of Fishbowl Inventory. If not, they will not communicate properly and the clients will not be able to logon to the server.
WARNING : In some cases the upgrades will make changes (improvements) to Fishbowl Inventory that cannot be reversed. If you install the upgrade, and cannot register it–if for example you do not have a current support contract–you will need to go back to your previous installation. At that point, only a back-up of your database can restore that.
Can I run Fishbowl Inventory without integrating with QuickBooks?
Yes. You can run Fishbowl Inventory as a standalone product. You need to integrate Fishbowl Inventory with QuickBooks only if you want to import data from QuickBooks or have Fishbowl Inventory send accounting transactions to QuickBooks.
Which functions does Fishbowl Inventory take over from QuickBooks?
Fishbowl Inventory takes over all inventory functions from QuickBooks. Sales and purchase transactions fulfilled in Fishbowl will automatically post “Invoices” and “Vendor Bills,” respectively, to QuickBooks. As manual adjustments are made to Fishbowl’s inventory levels, any affected accounting data will be exported to update the General Ledger in QuickBooks.
Is Fishbowl Inventory Scalable?
Fishbowl Inventory runs on the Firebird database engine: a very fast, reliable, efficient database. This means that as your data accumulates and the complexity of your business increases, you will not be constrained by this virtually unlimited database.
On which platforms does Fishbowl Inventory run?
Fishbowl Inventory Server and Client will run on Windows and Linux platforms. Fishbowl Client can run on the Mac platform. Please note that in order to integrate with QB, the server must be on the Windows platform.
Which Operating Systems does Fishbowl Inventory run on?
Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista (Pro, Business and Ultimate), and Windows 7 (Pro and Ultimate). Fishbowl does run on Linux but is only partially supported. The Fishbowl Client does run on Mac OS X but is only partially supported.

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