What Point Of Sale hardware do I need for AccuPOS Retail?
AccuPOS Retail offers many Point Of Sale Hardware Solutions and is both scanner and touch screen compatible.
How is AccuPOS Retail different from other Point Of Sale software?
AccuPOS Retail is the ONLY POS software that actually adjusts the quantity on hand in QuickBooks Financial software. AccuPOS Retail is a solid POS system that is focused on collecting accurate sales information in the retail environment and reporting details automatically into the most popular financial software. AccuPOS Retail is not an accounting program; it is a POS program that works with accounting.
Can I track customer transactions?
Yes, current customers can be imported from QuickBooks and new customers can be added on the fly at the Point Of Sale. If it is a cash transaction it will be posted into QuickBooks as a detailed cash sale to a customer. If it is charged to a customer account it will post to QuickBooks as a detailed invoice. By doing so, all sale reports by customers will be available in QuickBooks.
How does AccuPOS Retail differ from my current Business Works/Peachtree/QuickBooks accounting system?
Because AccuPOS Retail integrates with the “Big 3” small business accounting systems, it is no longer necessary to learn to operate two separate software products for your accounting and point of sale needs. This means there is also no need to learn two separate interfaces and feature sets.
Most Point Of Sale Plus customers are retailers who simply want to process sales details, collect customer information and maintain inventory using their financial accounting system, with which they already have experience using. The AccuPOS Retail system was developed to collect sales and customer details efficiently and report them directly to your financial accounting software. It truly is as simple as that. With AccuPOS, there are no redundant features, and very little training is required.
How can I process credit card transactions using AccuPOS Retail point of sale?
The AccuPOS Retail point of sale system interfaces with all major credit card processing machines offered by any bank in the United States. This means you can use whichever credit card processor you prefer, and you do not have to make any changes in order to use AccuPOS Retail.
I am currently using another point of sale program, but am dissatisfied with it. Is there any way I can transfer all of my details into the AccuPOS Retail point of sale system?
Because AccuPOS Retail utilizes inventory details from within your financial accounting software, it is possible to easily change point of sale systems. If your current accounting software can export customer and inventory details from your current point of sale system, it is possible to import it into your accounting system.
How does AccuPOS Retail manage inventory counts and details?
Because it was developed to integrate seamlessly with BusinessWorks, Peachtree and QuickBooks, AccuPOS Retail does not duplicate these programs’ features. Thus, inventory management can be handled within your accounting program, just as you may be managing inventory currently.
The AccuPOS system seamlessly reports what items are sold, at what price and to what customers (if customer tracking is enabled), and then adjusts inventory, updates sales accounts and posts tendering totals to your undeposited funds category. All of this is done automatically, and there is no additional module required to ensure this process is completed.
Do I require a specific version of QuickBooks/Peachtree/BusinessWorks in order to run the AccuPOS Retail system?
Not necessarily. The AccuPOS Retail system works seamlessly with any version of QuickBooks from 6.0 on via IIF, and 2002 and up via IIF and XML. As well, the system works seamlessly with BusinessWorks V3.03 and up and V12. If you would like to ask us about compatibility, please contact us here.
How many point of sale stations can I run the AccuPOS Retail system on?
AccuPOS Retail can work with as many stations as your business requires. But, you must purchase separate, inexpensive station licenses, one for each station.
Do I have to run AccuPOS Retail on the same system as is running my accounting software?
No, but if you are using QuickBooks 2002 with the XML interface, you must. But, with this version, you do not necessarily have to run QuickBooks at the same time

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