Our Associates

Partners can help you by providing local development, services, and support. Our partners work closely with us to make sure that our clients have the best of both worlds. TNC has built a comprehensive strategic partner and built strong partner relationships with major companies worldwide, each bringing in their special expertise and contribution, network designed to leverage our core competencies, enhance and extend our service offerings and decrease cost and time-to-market for our clients. When the world’s leading enterprises need a technology and management consulting company to meet their diverse and complex needs, they turn to TNC because of our strong networking and solid relationships with the world’s leading small businesses owners. Our largest and strongest partnerships are the result of years of proven performance and close collaboration with enterprise technology giants Intuit and Sage.

Working with each of our partners, we deliver high-quality results and keep our processes and knowledge at the highest level across all paradigms. By fostering relationships with a variety of enterprise information technology application providers, and by focusing on a user-centered, technology-based and business-driven solutions methodology, we can best serve our clients’ unique application development needs and opportunities.

Our objective is to enhance our partner’s position in their market. We provide cost effective solutions backed by excellent service to allow our partners to concentrate on their customers, rather than their supplier. We are proud of our partners. We work with them to make sure our prospect can get what they need.

We offer sales, pre-sales, order management and post-sales resources to our partners, as well as a variety of technical resources to customers. Our Partners are specializing in different areas. Collectively, they offer a range of services including :

  • Ongoing Support of Intuit and SAGE Solutions.
  • Branding and Marketing Services.
  • Training

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